I like to think that most times I am a pretty easygoing person.
Certainly I am easy going with the exercise classes I teach.
I call them ExTension Classes! Get it?
I let people come and go as they please and only pay for the classes they attend. I never raise an eyebrow when someone hasn’t shown up in ages. I smile and nod and warmly great them.
Well the other day that all changed! I was like the lion in the photo!
I went on a rant and I roared and I became very pointed and direct and said to the group “It is the New Year and it is time for you to resolve to yourself that you will attend class on a regular basis! This is your resolution. Exercise does not work unless you do it consistently! You need to make a commitment to yourself to attend class regularly. That means put it in your calendar so that when the Dr.’s office, or a friend, or anybody says “Can you make it at 9 Monday?” you say “No, I cannot make it at 9 I have my exercise class!”
Done! Easy! You put yourself first!
I think that my rant was well received and gave my class a bit more direction. My rant prompted a wonderful conversation that ensued the following week.
The topic was self-care.
We know to eat well. We know to catch 8 hours of shuteye. We know that we need to exercise.
But do you know this?
No one can take care of you as well as you can take care of yourself. Not one person.
You have to be your own caretaker.
Self -care is health care.
Taking care of your self means moving more. Not just exercise. You need to move all day!
The human body was designed to move and our culture is way too sedentary. We are sitting ourselves to death.
So make a resolution to move more.
I will make a resolution to go on more rants and teach you more ways to improve your self- care. Deal?
Let me know how you are brining more movement into your life!

Photo: Lemuel Butler

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