What methodology do I use to turn back the clock so that you can move with agility and ease?

Mary DerbyshireI use the Alexander Technique.

The Alexander Technique is a method that improves the way in which humans function. This means moving better throughout your day, moving painlessly and without stiffness, having more energy, being better balanced, feeling less anxious and more relaxed and being able to do the things that you no longer felt possible.

It is a method of using your whole self in  an integrated way that you can apply to improve all aspects of your life.

We all know that we have bad habits but did you know that some of these habits interfere with your natural way of moving?

You probably do not…

  • move with the same confidence, agility and ease as you did when you were a child
  • sit or stand comfortably for long or even short periods of time
  • feel stress free and less anxious

Most likely, your habits of movement and being always involve unnecessary muscular tension. This muscular tension interferes with your daily activities. This might look like not being able to turn your head from side to side, not being able to get in and out of a chair without using your arms, not being able to walk for some distance, having difficulty climbing stairs of getting in and out of a car. Mobility issues because of pain, lack of balance or poor body mechanics are some of the issues that the Alexander Technique can address.

  • If what seems like simple daily activities have become burdensome or undoable then AT is for you!
  • If pain or stiffness limits your life then AT is for you!
  • If anxiety or stress complicates your day then AT is for you!

By learning the Alexander Technique, whether in a private lesson, a group lesson, or through the Move with Balance and Ease video course you will learn how to identify these habits and you will learn the tools to prevent these habits from reoccurring.

As a result you’ll find yourself being able to sit for long periods of time, stand more easily, get in and out of a chair with better balance, walk up and down stairs effortlessly, garden with fewer aches and pains, play golf and tennis more energetically and live more freely.

You can apply what you learn to all forms of exercise and activities so that you can perform better, avoid injuries and be more coordinated.

No more back and neck pain, painful knees and joints, inability to walk long distances, having to say no to the things that you love to do and could do in the past.

This means more balance, agility, confidence, and ease now and every day in the future.


Who Is It For?

It’s for you! Especially if you’re someone who prioritizes learning and self care.

Self care is health care!

And it’s never too late to prioritize your health and own self-care.

Are you someone who…

  • suffers from neck and back pain?
  • gets headaches and migraines frequently?
  • has joints that ache like knees, elbows and wrists?
  • has trouble moving easily such as getting in and out of a chair or a car?
  • finds it difficult to perform simple tasks such as vacuuming or making your bed?
  • suffers from TMJ or other jaw pain?
  • experiences pain while sitting at the computer?
  • experiences pain while performing a repetitive task such as playing an instrument?
  • would like to get back to a more active healthy life?
  • would like to improve your posture and thus your appearance?
  • would like to learn a new skill that will allow you to move with more confidence better? mobility and ease

People study the Alexander Technique for a myriad of reasons.

Many people take up lessons to learn how poor postural habits cause back, neck and joint pain.

My students have have found relief from:

  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Tendonitis
  • Arthritis
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • TMJ
  • Scoliosis
  • Stenosis
  • Migraine
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Stroke
  • Stuttering
  • And many other painful conditions

Some are drawn to the Technique because of its calming and restorative effects on anxiety and PTSD.

Seniors in particular benefit from the way it improves balance, mobility and stiffness.



An Alexander Technique lesson is most enjoyable!

Lesson PageUsing my hands and verbal cues I will guide you through basic movements such as sitting, standing, lying down, walking and breathing.

You will learn how you are habitually interfering with your natural poise and balance. You will learn how to move more easily. Your will be taught tools to reduce or eliminate pain. You will learn how to become more mobile and active.

Eventually as your skill improves you may want to explore other activities.

I have had students bring in their musical instruments, recite poetry or a monologue, sing, run, ride a bike, ride a horse, swing a golf club or tennis racquet – the list is endless.

Whatever you do and want to do better with increased balance, mobility and ease- we can address.

Each private lesson is 45 minutes. I ask you to wear loose fitting clothes that you can move in easily. Please wear or bring socks and wear a shirt or blouse with sleeves. I work out of an old farmhouse so in the winter months dress cozily.

You should allow time after your lesson to let the experience resonate. So don’t dash off to the grocery store or run a million errands. Create a calm space in your day.



How Many Lessons and How Often?

Of course everyone is different and everyone learns differently. Each person comes to the Alexander Technique for his or her own reasons.

If someone comes to me because of pain that pain has its own history and may need more attention.

But with all of that being said I have found that it takes a student about 10 lessons to gain a beginner’s understanding of the Technique.

More lessons bring more learning and better proficiency. I ask that my students commit to at least 10 lessons then we re evaluate from there. Lessons are taught on a weekly basis unless more often is needed. In short, I tailor your program to your needs.

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Group lessons

The Get Out of Pain and On With Your Life Workshop

  • group class meets for 5 consecutive Thursday evenings.
  • Each participant receives a mini private lesson followed by group instruction.
  • The last 2 classes are dedicated to applying the Technique to an activity of your choice.
  • You also receive one private lesson at my Alexander Technique teaching studio in Little Compton, RI.  
  • Because we all can learn from each other’s experiences this is a great class both for beginners and those who have had more experience in the Technique. Please contact me for dates.

Also I am available to teach groups of any size. Specifically I have taught group classes at:

  • The Carter School/ Rhode Island Philharmonic
  • The Boston Conservatory
  • The Providence Singers
  • The Cambridge Center for Adult Education to name a few.


Corporate Packages

I can tailor packages for your corporation’s needs. As well as teaching your employees how to sit, stand and move with greater ease I can also evaluate their workstations and provide simple solutions to improve their work environment. As a result your employees will learn how to be more efficient at their computers and other activities. They will learn how to sit and stand so as to avoid back and neck pain.


Home Visits and Workplace Evaluations are Available

Skype Consults are Available



Individual lessons are $120 per 45 minute session.

Package of 10 lessons for $1000 are available.



Contact me for Home Visits or Workplace Evaluations