Agility at Any Age Video Course

Let’s learn to move with improved
balance, mobility, and confidence!

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The Agility at Any Age Video Course consists of 40 instructional videos that teach you how to move better! When you move better you feel better. When you feel better your confidence improves and your life improves.

Included in the course are 4 weekly group coaching calls!

These calls allow you the opportunity to ask about your specific issues. This is when you will get the personal support to help you move better.

In the Agility at Any Age Video Course you will learn how to sit better, how to stand better, how to move better and how to be better!

The course includes:

  • 40 instructional videos
  • 5 weekly group coaching calls
  • Supplemental instructional material that will improve the way that you move.
  • Journaling exercises that will help with self-observation
  • A commitment from me to get you on the path to improved  mobility and confidence

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The class starts now and and runs for four consecutive weeks.
Group calls are Wednesday at 5 EST.
These calls will be recorded so you can access them easily