Balance and Ease VIP Day

Do you want more balance, mobility and ease in your everyday living?

Do you want to feel more confident about how you move?

Do you thrive with one-to-one, in-person attention and want to fast track your progress?

Join me for a powerful and unique experience to accelerate your rejuvenation.

Together, in an immersive one day experience, in beautiful Little Compton, RI  you will learn how to free yourself from a life of stiffness and strain.

In one day you can turn back the clock and move like you did when you were younger.

No more saying “No!” to the things that you love to do.

Think about it…

What could you do 3 years ago that you can no longer do?

Imagine saying “Yes!” to those activities.

Let’s get started… together!


Here’s how your very special Balance and Ease VIP Day works:

  • Objectives and Issues VIP Assessment To get started please fill-out this in depth questionnaire [coming soon]
  • Next we will follow up with an hour long Skype or Facetime chat. This a great way for us to get to know each other and for us to determine objectives and issues you want addressed and create a custom experience for you.

“Since working with Mary, I can walk and stand without suffering, and I have not needed spinal “nerve block” injections to alleviate the leg and shoulder. I regret that I was not introduced to the Alexander Technique 30 years ago. I can only speculate about how my life would have been different. I have to give all credit to Mary Derbyshire, my Alexander Technique teacher. Her knowledge, perceptions, patience and communication skills, have made my journey an absolute pleasure.” —George


  • My teaching studio is in beautiful Little Compton, RI. It is a gorgeous seaside town that is quintessentially New England, rural and quiet. I teach out of an old farmhouse that was built in 1737 that sits on 11 bucolic acres of farmland. The beauty and serenity of the farm adds to your experience. I welcome you!
  • Little Compton is the perfect place for an  extended vacation. Harmony Home Bed and Breakfast at and Crosby Hill Bed and Breakfast at are close by. Please let me know if you’ll be extending your stay beyond our VIP and would like to book several additional sessions.

“Due to arthritis I have pain issues in my lower and upper back and neck . After the first lesson with Mary I noticed a marked improvement in my pain level. It seemed so simple yet so profound. It has improved my life in many ways. In short I can’t say enough good things about Alexander Technique and Mary’s teaching style.” —Nancy

Little Compton
Enjoy our stunning beaches.

Your Balance and Ease VIP Day will be customized exactly to your needs. Here is an example of what  your VIP Day will look like.

Introducing The Basics: Learn the fundamentals required to move with better balance, mobility ease. (60 minutes)

Fresh Air Break: Enjoy the farm, contemplate, and integrate and journal about your new discoveries. (15 minutes)

Rejuvenate 1: An hour long session of deep transformational work. Together we will realize ways that you are interfering with your natural movement and redirect you to a more balanced and easy way of being. Afterwards you will feel different, lighter, more together, more present and whole.

Breathe and Break: During these 15 minutes you will bask in your new way. Relish in your better breathing. Celebrate the new stillness in you. Journal about your transformation.

Let’s Lighten the Load: Whether you do crafts or sit at the computer our workplace can wreak havoc on us physically. I will evaluate how you do things and give you tips on how to improve the situation. You will learn better ways to sit at the computer, desk or table. Imagine no more back or neck strain! (30 minutes)

Munch and Lunch: There are several nearby cafes that we can choose from. Being on the coast Little Compton lunch spots always serve lobster rolls or fish. If you are not a seafood fan the area also boasts many local farms which supply seasonal vegetables, beef and chicken. You and I will lunch together and also learn better ways to sit at the table! We can apply this method to everything that you do! Lunch included!

Car Talk: We spend so much time in the car and yet we have no idea how harmful poor sitting in badly designed car seats can be. We will evaluate you in your car seat and how it relates to the steering wheel. You will learn better ways to get in and out of the car and better ways of taking things such as groceries out of the car. (15 minutes)

The Let It Be Lifestyle Conversation: An in depth discussion about ways in which you can apply your new self knowledge to your life at home and in the world. (30 minutes)

Breathe and Break: You will have time for a cup of tea and journalling. (15 minutes)

Let’s Get Physical: You will choose one or 2 activities that you would like to do better. Bring in a tennis racket or a golf club! Or if you play a musical instrument then bring in the instrument. I will videotape you so that you will have a record of your improvements!  (30 minutes)

Rejuvenate 2: During this second hour of transformational work we will continue to unravel the habits that are preventing you to move with better balance, mobility and ease. (60 minutes)

Let’s Stay Connected To make sure that you are continuing to bring balance, mobility and ease into your life we will follow up with 2 – 30 minute Skype or Facetime conversations. We can review the fundamentals and discuss new issues that have come up or use the time for a long distance tune up!

You can do this! Invest in your well being! Aging does not mean you are doomed to pain and stiffness. There is a way to move with better balance, mobility and ease and I can teach you how!

Click here to contact me for more information or to schedule your own VIP day.